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Here's your super overdue FAQ for the HDBZ project!

1) When does the game come out?
a] It's not one big game we're working on, but a constant work in progress. We're working on just a handful of characters at the time, actually it's only since recently we're working on multiple characters at the time. Before this, I was the sole (character) spriter, but luckily we were able to enlist more talents by now. When we have a worthy update to put out, usually with some bugfixes, other feedback implemented and at least one or two new characters, we'l make a new downloadable pack available.

2) Does this work in MAC?
a] Yes but you'll have to use a platform called Crossover:

3) Version for Android/Mobile please?
a] It's not possible to convert Mugen, which HyperDBZ essencially runs in, to a mobile device.

4) Online Multiplayer?
a) There is an online version of Mugen available called Ikemen. It requires you and the person you plan to play the game online with to have the exact same set-up but overall it seems to work alright.

5) Will you do char X/ Y/ Z?
a] We don't like to plan ahead that much, working on 3 characters at once is plenty of work and we want to make them as good as we can. And nope we don't do Goku SSJ3/5 or anything like that, we already have 2 selectable Goku's which should be plenty.

6) When is char X/ Y/ Z completed/downloadable?
a] We don't have deadlines for any of our projects, but keep in mind due to the excessive amount of work required for each character plus the fact we are working in our freetime, one character can take up to at least 6 months.


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7) Can I commission/donate?
a] Character commissions; we don't really take those, as it would be too expensive for most people and would also put pressure/commitment and restricted freedom on us, which we really don't want to. Donating ofcourse is always appreciated!

8) Does this work with a PS4/Xbox 360/whatever controller?
a] Most controllers should get detected by Mugen. Going into the Options Menu, you can press F1 to go into button configuration and there map the commands to the resprective buttons for both player 1 (F1 again) and 2 (F2). Note you'll have to exit the game before plugging in any new controllers before it might get noticed.

9) Is there a combo list / movelist?
a] Yes, just not an ingame one. Each character (with the exception of one or two) has a Readme.html file in their respective folder (inside the 'chars' folder). Open that and you're able to learn all about their moves and perks.

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10) It takes a long time before there's updates.
a] That's because we are just a handful of people working on this in our freetime, as an unpaid hobby.

11) Why not put the game on steam/console/kickstarter/sell it?
a] Because we don't own the official licence to DBZ, plus Mugen is freeware, hence we can't ever charge money to anyone who wants to download the game.

12) Where can I buy this game?
a) This is a free fangame done out of love for the show, If you want to donate towards us, that's fine and much appreciated but please remember to support the official releases.

13) Where can I download this game?
a] ON THIS FACEBOOK PAGE! Just check the info/about section.

14) I downloaded the game but it doesn't let me open it.
a] What you downloaded is a .rar file, so obviously you first need to unzip/unrar/unpack the file. THEN you get a folder with an .exe file in it, use that to launch the game.

15) Can I put this on my arcade cabinet and let people play it?
a] Yes please! We LOVE seeing those!

16) How do I change character palettes?
a] Go inside the Chars folder, then into the character who you'd like to change the palettes of's folder. Open their .def file (using Notepad). Keep that open. Go back to the folder and go into their Palettes folder. There's a .rar file labeled 'Palette Showcase' which is a collection of images showing all the palettes. You can browse through them. When you find one you like, copy that file name and replace it in the .def file in one of the 12 available slots (JUST the name, and keep the .act at the end. So for example; pal1 = palettes\extras\newpalettename.act. If you're done, save the .def file. Then launch HyperDBZ and the changes should have taken effect.

17) Co-Op Mode is whack and buggy!
a) Yeah don't play Co-Op, these chars are designed around 1-vs-1 modes.

Hope this answers most of your questions. If there's any more, feel free to comment and I might update this post. Thanks!
And thanks to Kenshin for bringing the idea for this to my attention!



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